Accounts & Financial Management

Nordic Intent provides its customers a customized experience to meet their needs and can include basic day-to-day bookkeeping, tax services, auditing, management consulting, and can even serve as an outsourced chief financial officer to provide financial oversight for their business.

What we offer is:
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting
    We provide assistance in recording financial transactions , tracking revenue and expenditure, and provide consulting on the business's overall financial health.This helps in determining how to break even and what the cash-flow needs are. These services help our startups plan their next move, figure out their profit and make decisions about their company's growth
  • Tax Planning, Filling & Compliance
    We assist our startups in decoding the tax laws to help ensure that their financial reporting practices are compliant with the relevant laws and regulations, determine their tax liability and make sure they meet filing requirements and deadlines.
  • Audit
    Many businesses require a periodic audit of their finances either as a part of compliance as per the relevant act or as a requirement of the shareholders. We conduct audits by examining not only financial records, but also the processes and controls in place to ensure that these records are being properly kept. We also ensure that all policies are being adhered to, and that the financial practices that help support the startups business goals are being managed efficiently. The goal of an audit is to form an opinion on whether their financial statements are presented fairly and accurately, and in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices.
  • Speciality Services
    These services include business valuation, which helps determine what our startup’s business is worth, should they be considering a merger, acquisition or sale.