We strategically invest in
entrepreneurs who solve problems.

Nordic Intent is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and businesses in Goa start, grow and accelerate their companies.

We partner with startups and entrepreneurs
to rapidly accelerate growth.

Management Consulting

We offer management, legal and financial consultation targeted to national and global operations.

Soft/Hardware consulting

Our software and hardware teams are equipped with the know how required to build cloud based software and deploy IoT technology at scale.

Marketing and Scale

With over 20+ years of international experience with digital marketing we can help scale businesses and products.

What we offer our startups

We believe that collaboration between forward-thinking entrepreneurs and proven businesses will facilitate innovation and success.
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Access to our networks

Being a part of our organization gives you access to our network of other entrepreneurs, business owners and clients both in and out of Goa/India.

Expert guidance and mentorship

We have tied up with experts and mentors and are continuously working to expand our resource pool.

Dedicated marketing and design team

We have an in-house design and marketing team that are ready to tackle on the challenges that your business has to offer.

Consolidated accounting and finance team

Financial intelligence and accounting plays a crucial role in the lifecycle of a startup, our in-house team has a lot to offer here.

Growth-focused strategy to accelerate startups in 2018

Early stage startups with positive initial traction often face an uphill battle to gain growth metrics necessary to successfully raise a meaningful round of funding. Often, strong founding teams with quality products struggle with limited resources and funding options. NI has programs that provide startups with access to investors and a pre-built network of potential customers. These programs are still under development and we are accepting entries for the same.


Startups processed


Startups selected

80 +

Crores in funding needed

4.9 +

Crores invested

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