Why It’s Hard To Find A Good Co-Founder

A few main reasons that it is quite hard to find a good founder is because you’ll don’t have mutual grounds or a good understanding, different expectations, different backgrounds and interests. 

Many times when you find a co-founder, you’ll don’t share the same understanding of things or common ground on certain decisions. This ends up affecting leadership and other things in a company which many times can even backfire and lead to fallouts between each other which also ends up impacting the company significantly. These kinds of disputes happen a lot when you and your co-founder think of different things and don’t have a mutual understanding of goals, visions or any other decisions or company-related matters. 

Having different expectations when you are co-founders can lead to disagreements or disputes. Having mutual expectations or at least common expectations is important. If you and your co-founder have different expectations, they might not meet which leads to conflict when they are disappointed. Clearing expectations, in the beginning, is important so it does not lead to such things, because as a co-founder, they will have certain expectations of you and from the company and often things go off track, therefore having a clear plan with certain expectations beforehand can save a lot of unnecessary trouble between both parties.

Not having similar backgrounds or interests can also lead to having an unhappy co-founder or other issues. You must have someone that shares the same values or background as you. If you work with someone who is completely different from you, personality-wise or work-wise, that can lead to some tension. 

A co-founder should come from a similar work background that your company is going towards so that in the event of certain decision-making, you can consult each other and take opinions. Working with someone from a different field can mean that they won’t understand the problem at hand and suggest a completely different path that you may not agree with, again leading to more conflict between you’ll. 

These are just a few things that generally affect having a good co-founder because these criteria are not met and some of these lead to unwanted issues or problems.