How To Find A Good Co-Founder

Finding a good co-founder can be quite hard. You have to look for certain qualities in a co-finder than are similar to what you’re looking for before selecting someone. A few main factors to keep in mind are that you’ll have common values, a similar work background, a good understanding between each other about company responsibilities and other works, vision and if you’re lucky, a good skillset.


Common values can mean many things. Cultural values or personal values. The person you want as a co-founder should match you. Common values where you’ll share the same ideas or thought processes or you’ll have common work-related values are very important. You have to like the person you will work with in order to be successful because nobody does good work when you have animosity between workers. When both you and your co-founder have those common values, no matter what they are, you’ll gel together and that makes it easier and more comfortable to work with each other and be open about things.

Similar Work Background

Having someone as your co-founder who is also from the same work background as you is a must. Say, for example, you open a hotel and your co-founder comes from a commerce background and not hospitality. They might be able to help you with all things finance but not a lot with the hospitality part. This could be a problem. However, if you find a co-founder from a hospitality background, you’ll discuss all major or minor issues together to find a mutually acceptable solution because you’ll both can judge and evaluate the issue from the same experience level since both of you understand hospitality operations. 


A good understanding means that both you and your co-founder can work together unbiasedly with a good understanding of each other. This means that regardless of any work differences or issues, you’ll have a good understanding and respect for each other to always handle things professionally and work together harmoniously. 


When you and your co-founder share the same vision for your company, it makes things much simpler and easier to get along since you both want the same thing. A mutual vision is very important when building up a company. Knowing your goals and visions are the same helps work together towards them. You and your co-founder should have a similar end goal for your company so that together, your efforts can lead to great success.


A co-founder with extra skillsets is always a huge benefit. Maybe you start a hotel and you’ll are both from a hospitality background but your co-founder has additional experience in accounting. He can oversee your finance and accounts as a bonus skill that he has. A person with a good skillset is a benefit to you and your company because it allows you to have someone experienced working with you as a co-founder and can provide additional insight that you might not have.